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Dealing with the music of Wholebrain means to be ready to meet a emotional sound in its most authentic expression, where the reason of technique is at the service of the lyrical narration of his songs.
Wholebrain is a natural artistic evolution of a talented young Sicilian guy. As a "little prince" he rides the world and goes through it, meeting, hearing, talking with the fantastic images of his integrated brain, left side and right side, combining logic and irrational, science and intuition, language and feelings. And the whole of it becomes sound, giving birth to his music, to open songs where dreams and reality meet, conceiving a new hearing, a new perception, a new feeling.
As a "little prince" he rides the world, meeting, hearing and speaking with the fantastic images of his integrated brain, the right side and the left one, combining the logical with the irrational, science and intuition, language and feelings.
The sense of freedom permeates his music. The territory is strictly autobiographical. He goes deeply inside the emotion with his watchful eyes. And he keeps himself in there until he's able to reach a complete form, and then giving it back to the stage of life.
Graduated in Physics in 2006, in addition to songwriting he's a teacher of Physics, Mathematics and other Science Subjects, and a Chess Instructor.
In 2011 he released his debut album Brainstorming, with excellent reviews and ratings, and passages on prestigious national and international Radio Stations.
In May 2016 he published his second album, Fireworks, with Riserva Sonora, an independent record label.

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- Pubblicazione Digitale e Fisica del Nuovo Album "Fireworks"
Il nuovo album e' disponibile nel nostro Negozio, su tutti i principali Stores Digitali (iTunes e Amazon) e in tutti i negozi della rete di distribuzione di A&A Edizioni.

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